Tuesday May 11 at 7:00 p.m. EST

About this Event:

Re-ignite your Passion, Purpose & Performance in 2021

This inspiring value-packed Webinar is for you, if you want to:

1) Crystallize meaningful insights into your heart’s desires and Re-ignite your Passion and Purpose!

2) Understand the importance and benefits of clarity of purpose, since the clearer your purpose the greater the life you will live!

3) Learn the proven ‘7 Step Process to Re-discover and Act upon your Purpose’ which connects all the dots of your life / business.

4) Greater clarity, confidence and commitment to your passion, purpose and performance for maximum impact in 2021.

NOW IS THE TIME for Clarity, Purpose and Power!!

Be sure to Join us to Re-ignite your Passion, Purpose & Performance in 2021


Excellent session! Gary + Rosa are well-matched with great complementary content and similar positive energy. Participation flowed naturally, and the time flew! Good value, professional content provoking positive and results-driven discussion, introspection and insights.

Sheryl Rogers, Technology Solutions Consultant

I just had a fabulous night connecting with so many individuals that felt like they were wearing their souls on their sleeves and it was such a true connection, so heartfelt hearing each person speak. I felt so much in alignment and fascinated by what people had to say… I feel so grateful and just blessed. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this group

Cynthia Barry, Emotional & Physical Health Coach

Thank you for the insights and positive direction that I absorbed from your webinar. As a small business owner for 50 years, I have experienced much! Your points on peace through challenges certainly rang true for me. It was a mental and spiritual boost for me. Thanks for your passion to help others by sharing your personal life experiences, especially building faith in the midst of trials.

Ron Brooks, Business Owner & CBMC

I was impressed with the organized and encouraging presentation by Gary who is a very effective communicator. I appreciated that there was an information package to download so I could easily follow along. I would recommend this practical and timely webinar to anyone looking for hope and direction in these confusing times.

Barb Kuipery
Gary clearly has a heart to serve and provide as much value as possible.
Ron Tabachnick, Vision Coach

Great opportunity to reflect on where you are at and where you want to go.

M. Zimmerman, Corporate Trainer

Last Webinar Participant Comments:

  • What a great Kick-start to my 2021. Thank you!
  • I was inspired by the webinar to overcome my procrastination and begin acting on my (already known) purpose.
  • The content was excellent. It reignited my passion for my business.
  • Gary and Rosa did an excellent job in creating a pleasant and engaging atmosphere between themselves and everyone.
  • The webinar provided the much-needed ‘kick in the butt’ to get we started acting on my plans.

Gary Gradley, Author of; ‘The Kingdom Promise; How Leading Canadians Choose Faith to Conquer the Storms of Life’ is our Workshop Leader. Gary has a revealing story to share about his own personal/spiritual transformation. Professionally, Gary for the last 23 years has run a very successful national training and development business and a personal development coaching business, working with over 20,000 leaders, employees and individuals throughout Canada, USA and Australia. He is a trusted advisor for many national corporations throughout Ontario. Founder of ‘Trusting through the Transition’ organization, with a Mission to help 100,000 people choose ‘Faith over fear’, live rightly, pursue their God given purpose to make a needed difference in our world.

Rosa Lokaisingh is the Founder & Business Owner of Connecting YOU! Rosa has gone beyond teaching networking to become a Business Connector and Match-Maker for entrepreneurs looking for collaborative partnerships & global heart-centred business communities. Grow your business with the Power of Connection!

We invite you to join us and experience the value of this message. Family members/friends are welcome.