Excellent session! Gary + Rosa are well-matched with great complementary content and similar positive energy. Participation flowed naturally, and the time flew! Good value, professional content provoking positive and results-driven discussion, introspection and insights.

Sheryl Rogers, Technology Solutions Consultant

I just had a fabulous night connecting with so many individuals that felt like they were wearing their souls on their sleeves and it was such a true connection, so heartfelt hearing each person speak. I felt so much in alignment and fascinated by what people had to say… I feel so grateful and just blessed. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this group

Cynthia Barry, Emotional & Physical Health Coach

Thank you for the insights and positive direction that I absorbed from your webinar. As a small business owner for 50 years, I have experienced much! Your points on peace through challenges certainly rang true for me. It was a mental and spiritual boost for me. Thanks for your passion to help others by sharing your personal life experiences, especially building faith in the midst of trials.

Ron Brooks, Business Owner & CBMC
I participated in Gary Gradley’s ‘Restoring Your Faith, Finances & Freedom’ webinar and found it to be informative and encouraging.  Gary presents practical financial principles within context of emotions and faith.  Gary’s presentation was professional and non-commercial.  I believe that his message is of value to everyone wanting support in these critical areas.
John Vandeweerd, Benefits Advisor
The webinar inspired me to apply a few key principles, especially the mental emotional principles, that really helped me to better deal with my current challenges.
Shannon S., Image Consultant
The webinar was amazing! I would highly recommend it! I learned a lot of wisdom on solving problems and handling finances and managing debt. It deepened my faith and understanding of God. Thank you!
Ben Robinson, Canadian Christian Directory

I was impressed with the organized and encouraging presentation by Gary who is a very effective communicator. I appreciated that there was an information package to download so I could easily follow along. I would recommend this practical and timely webinar to anyone looking for hope and direction in these confusing times.

Barb Kuipery

Good simple, solid, succinct points helped me expand my awareness of faith, finances and emotional freedom. Also great to attend a webinar that started and finished on time.

Bob Lucas, Realtor

It covered the most important principles of life; faith, finances and mental emotional peace. It confirmed my faith and commitment to be a good steward of my gifts and resources.

Melba Belo, Financial Advisor
Gary clearly has a heart to serve and provide as much value as possible.
Ron Tabachnick, Vision Coach

Great opportunity to reflect on where you are at and where you want to go.

M. Zimmerman, Corporate Trainer

Bob Proctor and Gary Gradley“I have known Gary Gradley for 20 years; I know he has committed his life to refining the best process to rediscover your Life Purpose in the world. If you want to live a great ‘On-Purpose’ abundant life, than you definitely want to listen to what Gary has to say.”

– Bob Proctor, The Secret & author of ‘You Were Born Rich’

“In the years that I have worked with Gary his focus, drive and compassion have stood out to me as his primary character traits. I am pleased to see that he has been able to group these traits into a deliverable package that can be shared with others. There is a turn of values afoot in North America. Terms like ‘business ethics’, ‘personal pride’ and ‘hope’ are connecting to workers, management and to society as a whole with a greater resonance than we have seen in many years. For anyone who leads in this new world, being able to align your workers on this path to your goal will take part in unprecedented success. Having worked with Gary for years, knowing what he can do and by what he is presenting here, I assure you, he can build a roadmap for your team to reap the rewards of being, ‘On Purpose People’”.

– Aaron Sheedy, Toronto RCMP Officer

What our Coaching Clients are saying…

Discovery of Passion = Fulfillment

“I now have more clarity and commitment about my passions and my purpose in life. This is very exciting for me! So thank you so much for your assistance. This process really works and you truly have a gift in doing it!

I have been amazed and excited with the overall results and would highly recommend Gary’s coaching to anyone who is seeking to take their life to the next level. It was an eye-opening, life-changing and rewarding experience! Thank you so much Gary!”

– Mel Hems, Sales and Marketing Manager

Clarity = Power

My timing to be working with you was perfect.  It helped to get things in order and to understand what truly is important. I now feel for the first time in a long time to be back to my true powerful positive self. With clarity comes power. I thank you again for all your help.”

– Michael Hind, National Sales Manager, Vineco International Products Ltd.

Focus on Priorities = Performance

“As a Director of HR in a rapidly changing national company, I was feeling frustrated, confused, overworked and under-recognized; I was thinking about leaving my job.

Now, after completing this Coaching Series, I can honestly say that I feel like a new person. I have clarity; I am focused, I know who I am, what I want and what my priorities in life and work are. I have a much higher level of acceptance and peace in my life and in my chaotic environment. I have become totally passionate and committed to what I want.

This coaching process was exceptional; it enabled me to really take the time out of my hectic schedule, to think about what was important to me in my life and to deal with the root of my emotions towards my work and my life. I have now obtained a level of calmness and peacefulness even within a chaotic environment.

Gary did an excellent job in tailoring the process to me and my needs. I could speak in confidence about very sensitive issues.

This Coaching was extremely worthwhile; definitely worth the time and the investment. I would highly recommend it!”

– Cindy, Director of HR