Resources & Support

With the purpose of helping you trust and thrive through this transition we are excited to provide you with the following relevant and practical resources and support that will become part of your Survival & Transition GUIDE to:

  • Move from fear and doubt to Faith, Hope and Trust, which will be the foundation of your strength.
  • Raise yourself up out of financial hardship to surviving, thriving and prospering in any recession.
  • Develop emotional resiliency and experience emotional freedom and peace of mind.
  • Create a way forward through creative and practical financial and security planning.
  • Build your emotional and spiritual strength by developing your relationship with God.

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Other Helpful Resources:

Website Links: A safe place to explore your difficult questions. A fact & evidence based introduction to Christianity A safe place to explore your difficult questions. A true story of reporter Lee Strobel trying to disprove Christianity.

Experiencing God Online workshop with Bob Lucas

Billy Burke Video Channel Billy Burke Healing Pastor (the spiritual context of covid19)  Christians Against Poverty Right Now Media – Faith & Family Broadcasting  Pureflix – Faith & Family Broadcasting

Daily Devotionals:

Words From The Heart Words from the Heart – Bible League Canada

In Touch Ministries Charles Stanley- In Touch Ministries Joseph Prince – Preaching Pastor

Our Daily Bread

Today God Is First < Email>

“The truth is, each and every moment; we choose either Love or Fear as a dominant emotion. The degree, to which we control our choosing through our thoughts and feelings, is the degree to which we are at Peace.” Gary Gradley