Surviving & Thriving through the Transition with Coaching

Client-centered, Service & Results-Oriented, Innovative, Passionate, Visionary

“We make significant contributions to the lives of individuals by positively impacting their beliefs, behaviors and performance through our proven coaching process to produce measureable and sustainable results. One of my deepest beliefs and commitments is that the work we do each year, positively and productively impacts thousands of people’s lives.” – Gary Gradley

This Proven Coaching process will enable you to:

  • Transform your fears and comfort zone thinking into faith, hope, trust, clarity, focus and direction.
  • Raise yourself up out of financial hardship and eliminate debt to thrive and prosper.
  • Develop emotional resiliency and experience emotional freedom and peace of mind.
  • Create a way forward through creative and practical financial and security planning.
  • Build your emotional and spiritual strength by developing your relationship with God.

You will experience:

  • A holistic approach involving the mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual aspects of oneself.
  • High integrity, professional, progressive, innovative and customized approach to achieve your specific objectives.
  • An effective process of assessment, design and implementation to maximize results and sustainability.
  • A supportive encouraging style of coaching, teaching, advising, action taking, discipline and accountability.
  • Achievement of your goals, fulfilment and a good ROI of your time and investment.

A  Common Client Coaching Process:

  • Develop trust, rapport, credibility and buy-in to the coaching relationship.
  • Rediscover/re-evaluate core passions, motivation, opportunities and challenges as the fuel for change.
  • Create a clear vision with short & long term ‘SMART’ Goals, with major milestones.
  • Analyze the current state, identify personal obstacles, and create strategies and action plans to overcome and achieve the desired goals.
  • Deal with derailers; focus on strengths and ensure weaknesses are not showstoppers.
  • Review progress and guiding principles, re-inspire commitment, and work through challenges weekly.
  • Recognize small quick wins, acknowledge behaviour changes and celebrate successes.

How to receive Coaching:
1. Request a 20-minute complimentary assessment session to determine a fit for both of us.
2. Book a Coaching Session;

Coaching Pricing:

We are intentionally pricing these sessions as affordable as we possibly can to help you during this time.

Book a coaching session or a series of sessions

20 minutes;  $20.00
30 minutes;  $30.00
40 minutes;  $40.00
50 minutes;  $50.00
60 minutes;  $60.00

For a series of sessions, pricing to be discussed.

Book a Coaching Session by emailing or reach out through our contact page!

I look forward to being of service to you.

Gary Gradley Favorite Quote:
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa