TRUSTING THROUGH THE TRANSITION : Choosing faith over fear and walking through the financial chaos”

There is a Great Global and Local Transition occurring and it is picking up speed. We are seeing the start of it in the financial sector with markets, monetary systems and economies worldwide (ie. USA & Europe). Ultimately, all of our man-made systems (many of which are dysfunctional and corrupted) will be transformed into a New World reality. A new reality that is characterized by; Oneness, Love, Peace, Joy, Co-operation, Service, Provision and Spirituality.


This Transition period (like you hear of with 2012) may very likely be extremely challenging with unprecedented radical change like we have never experienced before. Many will call it a ‘CRISIS’!

When you are experiencing the intensity of ‘The crisis of our economy and of our Faith’, you will choose either doubt and fear OR Hope and Faith. Many will be consumed by fear and destruction; those who have prepared themselves in all ways will choose wisely and will survive and thrive.


Remember the ancient Oriental saying ; ‘CRISIS’ = Danger + Opportunity. The Danger will be obvious, the Opportunity is to be ready and to “Accelerate through the chaos and suffering to Divine Peace and Provision”.

The Opportunity is also to be prepared and willing to play a critically needed role of leading and assisting others through this difficult time. The Opportunity is to live out your True Life Passion and Purpose in serving others.


Fundamentally we do this by Choosing FAITH over fear!


This book is a comprehensive guide to do just that. It is designed to prepare you and your family to survive and thrive through The Transition; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.


It is Your Survival Guide on How to;


  • Build your Faith; your emotional and spiritual strength, so it will be there when you need it. And you will need it!
  • Be Resilient; walk in Faith; be in the right mental, emotional and spiritual state; a ‘high energy vibration’ state of Peace, Love and Service.
  • Be in a daily state of divine protection and provision living by Faith and the favour / Grace of God.
  • Stand courageous in the face of life-threaten danger and boldly and wisely lead others to safety and provision.
  • Understand that the only real choice and only answer is to Totally Trust! ( No-doubt; Full Faith).
  • Protect yourself, your family, your home and some of your assets.
  • Commune & Walk with God/The Source/Universal Intelligence, through deep daily devotion.
  • Discover and passionately live your True Life Purpose and serve and help others through your ‘gifting’.