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Trusting Through The Transition: Restoring Your Faith, Finances, and Freedom

with Gary Gradley

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you trust and thrive through the transition of this COVID-19 health and financial crisis by providing you with relevant and practical resources and support to restore your Faith, Finances and emotional Freedom (which have probably been weighing heavily on your mind, heart and soul these days).

We are here to support you through this Transition by helping you:

  • Move from fear and doubt to Faith, Hope and Trust, which will be the foundation of your strength.
  • Raise yourself up from financial hardship to surviving, thriving and prospering in any recession.
  • Develop emotional resiliency and experience emotional freedom and peace of mind.
  • Create a way forward through creative and practical financial and security planning.
  • Build your emotional and spiritual strength by developing your relationship with God.

We are pleased to offer many resources to help you on your journey to achieving small victories, and Restoring your Faith, Finances, and Freedom.

Check out our Resources & Support page for:

  • ‘What do you need?’ Self Assessment Survey
  • Video Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Support & Prayer
  • Coaching
  • Book & Articles

Perspective & Faith is everything…

During these challenging COVID-19 times, (see ‘the transition‘ page), one of the most important questions that you are likely asking yourself right now is: What can I trust in, when my world is crumbling? What can I place my faith in?

Albert Einstein said that the most important question you can ask is: “Is the Universe friendly?”

What is your belief around that? Can you trust that there is an Almighty God who is sovereign and in control? Can you have Faith that somehow you will get through this? Do you have Faith that God will provide for your needs? Can you choose Faith over Fear?

Explore some answers to these important questions on these pages.

My Personal Invitation

I invite you into this journey of discovery and enlightenment; choosing faith over fear, being ‘On-Purpose’, and leading and supporting others through love and service. If you desire this, I would love to walk beside you and support you in ‘Trusting through the Transition’, fulfilling your True Life Purpose, and making a positive difference in the world.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Gary Gradley

Remember, no matter how bad it gets, always choose hope over hopelessness, faith over fear & never ever give up! This crisis and pain will pass as there is always a brighter tomorrow! Be strong and courageous!